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Venue Review: Foghorns in Panama City Beach

EDIT: This venue review doesn’t completely stand anymore.  Foghorn’s has moved a bit down the road to a new location.  The also now have a Facebook page.

The is a venue review for Foghorns in Panama City Beach, Florida, on Thomas Drive.

They have live music every Friday and Saturday (photos of past performances here) – but they haven’t quite caught up with the wave of the internet their online presence is lacking. Sometimes the band will post about their upcoming shows themselves, otherwise it is the old fashioned way putting in a phone call into the venue. They are indoors, bar only, with no food, so smoking is allowed. They have a pretty nice stage set-up, and since they are indoors they don’t apply to the new stupid Panama City Beach noise rules, but more on that on another post.

The place is kept up well, including the bathrooms. And the staff is always really nice.

Usually there are enough seats and tables for those that are interested in sitting down – but all that can be moved out a bit to make room for people wanting to dance. But that just varies night to night with the mood of the crowd. They have TVs for those more interested in watching sports, 2 pool tables, darts, and a golf video game.

All in all in is a comfortable place to grab a drink and listen to to some live music.

Liner Notes:
Parking: Easy to get in and out – usually ample. If it is an extra busy night, use the public beach parking a block or two east of the place.
Smoking: Yes
Entire place is indoors

Contact info:
8011 Thomas Drive
Panama City, FL 32408
(850) 235-1243

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