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Band Review: Sin Seven

As promised, I am going to start occasionally posting reviews for bands and venues. These opinions are my own, and just to give a person searching for information an idea of what to expect with the band or place.

My first review is for Sin Seven – a band based out of Panama City Beach that has been playing at all the local hang-outs. I’ve seen them a couple times now, and they always put on a good show. Their predominately feature covers from the 90’s to current rock hits. Like Weezer’s Hash Pipe, the Toadies Possum Kingdom, Puddle of Mud’s Ride, and Finger Eleven’s Paralyzer. Most of their songs you know, even if you can’t quite name the associated band as they have had a long life on the radio. They are a five piece outfit, and the guitarists trade lead. One of the guitarists and the bass player provide backing vocals, which leads to a very full sound. As a whole they know how to work together to highlight each other’s strengths, making the band stronger as a result.

In my opinion a vocalist can make or break a band’s sound faster than any other component, and this guy is good. He is a belter and can handle songs that a lot of other cover bands have to gloss over or radically change to sound good. With that being said, I also don’t think he has quite found his own in being “The Frontman”. Sometimes he looks really comfortable, cracking jokes with the crowd, introducing the songs, and other times he looks a little uncomfortable. But that is something that can develop with time, and this band was only been together for a few months.

They are a friendly bunch of guys, and like to hang out with the crowd during set breaks. I have talked to nearly all of them at one point or another, but have gotten a kick the most out of the drummer. He is a character that brings a lot of enthusiasm to the group and their goals as a band in the near future.

So a review boils down to….

The Good:
Strong song catalog
Usually plays long sets
Seem to enjoy themselves – which is always more fun to watch
Each member really brings something to the group
They sound good – and really isn’t that what it boils down to?
They are a fun, talented group of guys to see.

Update: Check out the second part to this review with video…

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