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Stone Temple Pilots Biloxi Review

Wow. Just. Wow.

Sunday, February, 20th 2011 a dream that I’ve had to 10+ years came true. I was front row at a Stone Temple Pilots concert.

So those that have read this blog know that it is dedicated to 850 music – well today I take a detour as this one is beyond big for me. And those that only know me on twitter as @STPcult, this is my simple little blog dedicated to events in my neck of the woods in Florida.

Stone Temple Pilots were my gateway to understanding how music can affect and even change a person. I have seen them once before; it was Deluna Fest in Pensacola Beach, last October. The difference is that was a huge festival and they felt a million miles away – this was a small venue, small stage, and perfect. (For those interested I will post a review of the venue itself in the coming days as I had a hard time finding out a lot if information that would of been really helpful to know before-hand… Update: Venue review is here.)

For those who want a quick review here it is: It was wonderful. Everyone did a great job – everything sounded great – everyone looked happy.

If you are still reading this, bare with me as I can be long-winded; even in blog form.

First of all, a giant side-note. My concert partner is my mom. She understands and puts up with my fandom and is always great fun. Every part of this would not of been remotely possible without her.

We were among the first 15ish people through the door and got a great spot front and center. Show started about 30 minutes late – which made me nervous, but all was well. There was no opening act, just STP. The lights went down and the crowd erupted.

Song after song – I was in pure heaven. Here I was maybe two whole feet from my favorite band. In the first couple songs Robert Deleo threw picks at mom – she got two – and better share. Some of the song intros seemed new this leg of the tour, and they made some changes to the new songs – just little tweaks – that I hadn’t heard before either.

The only hicc-ups were a funny moment when Scott Weiland accidently bumped his mic stand – and he didn’t know the mic fell out. He danced a little, then tried to sing into the empty mic stand. Dean Deleo had come over and was pointing to the mic with his toe. Scott rebounded nicely and all the guys just sort of looked amused – not really embarrassed or frustrated – and the song, Wicked Garden continued. During Dancing Days, Weiland sang the last verse with a deep voice, which seemed out of place. And after one of the songs Dean signaled to Eric Kretz to get him to play a little more – it was fun to watch Dean try to signal Eric with these exaggerated hand signals.

For me the entire thing was magical – but I do have a favorite moment because of a small interaction with Scott. I threw my purple scarf on stage. I got lucky, it landed on his foot. He looked at it, then wrapped it around his neck. Wore it for part of the song, and gave it back to me. Somehow my brain kicked in enough to say “Thank you”, which got me a mouthed “Welcome” and a smile.

Other great moments were: Scott was standing with his legs wide, and Dean stuck his guitar through – which got this great surprised look from Scott and a mischievous grin from Dean. Someone threw a white bandanna on stage, which Scott stuck in Dean’s back pocket. Dean, Robert, and Scott play-fighting for center stage.

As far as the setlist – the order is blurry. Between the rush of being there and just being in awe of being so close to the band I know I would post the order wrong. However, I can say with certainty these songs were performed, so here they are in random order:

Wicked Garden
Big Empty
Interstate Love Song
Still Remains
Sex Type Thing
Heaven and Hotrods
Silvergun Superman
Tripping on a Hole in a Paper Heart
Dancing Days
Between the Lines
Hickory Dichotomy
Huckleberry Crumble
Dead & Bloated

If anyone out there in internet land has any photos or video of Scott wearing my purple scarf – for the love of music please send them my way! Contact me via twitter at @STPcult of email me at savvytangerine (at) aol.com

Thanks for Hard Rock Live in Biloxi Mississippi and Stone Temple Pilots for an unforgettable experience!!!

Update 2/28/2011, here is a playlist of all the youtube videos I can find so far: http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=11187F1F7E4859D7

4 comments on “Stone Temple Pilots Biloxi Review

  1. singingemily
    March 6, 2011

    I’ve been searching wordpress for a cool blog that does band reviews, and I think I’ve struck gold! Your writing style is excellent; captivating and informative. Reading this STP article made me feel excited FOR you, as everyone should feel your kind of joy at the concert of their dreams!

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