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Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre – Dinner & a Show

The funniest thing happens when you photograph events… Something in your brain clicks so your focus moves from what is happening to how you can best capture it.  You often are so anticipating the light, angle, or whatever – that even in the middle of a cool event you aren’t totally tuned in.

My point?  I’ve been to at least four Improbable Cause Mystery Theatre events – but it was this last one I really had the chance to take it in. Instead of a camera in hand, I had a terrific craft drink from Garden & Grain.

What is it anyway?  It starts with a who-done-it story.  One of the characters makes their untimely demise and the audience has to separate the clues from the red-herrings to find the guilty party.  Not only does the audience member get a nice pat on the back, but gifts are on the line.  I’ll admit it, we totally didn’t win.

As dinner is served (and varies based on the venue or caterer) the rest of the story plays out.  With a mix of improv, laughter, and a brain teaser to unravel – a night with ICMT is a lot of fun. 

They have multiple shows – completed stories with zany characters and a ‘dead’ body.  Our show was ‘Dinner to Die For’ a competitive cooking reality tv show that goes off the rails.  Each character comes with a full backstory, occasional accent, and is ready to answer your questions to prove their innocence. 

If you are looking for something to do with a few friends or a date-night idea: an evening with ICMT should be on your list.

Must haves to an ICMT show:

  • A photo with the ‘dead’ body.
  • Cell phone photos of the evidence to pour over
  • Extra cash to tip the actors at the end of the night

Follow ICMT on facebook to keep up with their upcoming shows.  They regularly can be found at venues from Pensacola to Destin to the 30a area.  https://www.facebook.com/icmtheatre

Our first official selfie with a ‘dead’ body. Obviously an actor and all in good fun.

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