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Brave New World – Baby Teeth (Video)

Pensacola-based Brave New World is made up of some familiar faces of the Gulf Coast’s music scene.  But under this moniker, they are relatively new.

Part of what I respect about this outfit is they never half-ass their endeavors – and that includes videos like their newest for Baby Teeth.

Falling somewhere under the broad rock umbrella, Brave New World’s Baby Teeth feels all-too appropriate with 2020 being the ‘adventure’ it is.  With lyrics like “Sometimes I feel like I should hold my breath / But the year won’t last that long” its hard not to imprint our current shared situation onto them. 

In general, the lyrics of Baby Teeth are left vague enough so you can imprint whatever you feel onto them – which is part of what makes music so special.  It is about a relationship?  Mental health? Only the band could tell you for sure, although they did include a copy of the lyrics in the video’s description box to help you reach your own conclusion.

The production of the video itself is lovely.  It’s a slow burn.  A captivating face doing everyday tasks. The plot point is revealed three minutes into the four-minute video – and it wasn’t the direction I was expecting.  It’s no fun to spoil your first watch, but I’d love to hear what the song and video mean to you in the comments below.

Check out the band’s LinkTree for all their social and music links – and watch Baby Teeth below.

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