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Static X & Dope Interviews

Back in the Fall of 2019 – when here at 850me the biggest choices were what concert or event to go to – Club LA in Destin was part of a tour that made history. Static X retired from the road when Wayne Static passed in 2014.  After all, Wayne’s look and presence was a big aspect of the band.

In 2019 the band hit the road with a masked frontman going by the moniker Xer0.  Although there have been amply rumors about xer0’s identity, the band has remained officially quiet about it.  The idea is that Xer0 is a conduit of Wayne and allowing the deceased frontman to remain centerstage.

As Xer0 explained in a Loudwire interview:

Wayne’s family made it very clear to us that they hoped for Wayne’s spirit and for the music of Static-X to live on. They hoped for his unfinished works to be fully realized through the original line up of the band and for Ken [Jay], Tony, and Koichi [Fukada], to continue on with Static-X for as long as they wish.

It was eerie to look onto the stage and see the mask and hair that made Xer0 look like Wayne Static’s ghost.  But it was easy to appreciate how much he and the band put their heart into sharing music with longtime fans.

The concert included Raven Black, Wednesday 13, Dope, and Static X.  It was a perfect night of industrial adjacent metal with theatrical backings.

And for a little note about these interviews: I didn’t find I was approved for them until after midnight the night before the show.  It definitely ramped up the nerves a bit.  Thanks to Tony and Acey for their kindness.

Dope Interview:

Static X Interview

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