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Scream Out Loud – Who Turned Out the Lights (Lyric Video)

For over a decade, Scream Out Loud has continued to carry the mantle of post-hardcore adjacent music.  What is post-hardcore?  It boils down to combing the heaviness of later hardcore styles with more melody and clean singing sections.  Of course, the genre as a whole has other sources of inspiration and each band embodies the style their way.

The Pensacola based Scream Out Loud has made it past hiatuses and shuffling of band members to release the new single and lyric video for “Who Turned Out the Lights”.

I’m a fan of lyric videos as a whole.  Whether it’s because of a childhood watching the Disney SingAlong Songs on VHS or being excited to follow the included lyrics on my first cassette purchases as a pre-teen – a big part of my emotional connection to a song is through the words.  And yes, I’m old enough that both VHS and cassettes were the norm during my formative years.

Through the years, I’ve seen Scream Out Loud on stages large and small – and each time has been a treat.  I’m excited that they are putting out new music again and “Who Turned Out the Lights” is a perfect introduction to the band.  It showcases just how heavy and tight they are, along with how the tone of their cleans dovetail beautifully.

Give their new single a spin below, and be sure to check out their social media.  https://www.facebook.com/pg/screamoutloudfl  And use this link to buy/spin the single on your platform of choice. https://tinyurl.com/t69gyhg


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