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The Iveys Release New Music

Family comes first for El Paso based roots/Americana quintet

The Iveys are gearing up for the release of their fifth studio album titled Colors Of Honey.  The band was formed initially by Arlen Ivey and sister Jessica Ivey Carr, and while that gave them a taste of performing and creating together, it wasn’t until bringing in three more members of their family — sister Jenna Ivey, brother Galen Ivey and brother-in-law Sammy Carr — that The Iveys felt truly complete. According to Arlen, “The music has a different kind of depth; the songwriting and the collaboration of Jenna and I together was something that was missing before. I’ll bring her a song that I think is good and, after adding her input, it improves the story and elevates the song. We have one track that is about following your dreams, knowing there will be tough times, but regardless of that, living life to the fullest and enjoying the adventure. Then there is another song that is about our great-grandparents and their love/journey through life. It’s interesting how the family aspect of the band has unintentionally come through in the songwriting and taken the music to another level.”

The Ivey siblings grew up on the family farm in the Rio Grande valley, the children of three generations of farmers. Their father raised cotton, alfalfa, and pecans, and owned a vast record collection which they often explored. Their influences are far ranging but the siblings can all agree on favorites Bob Dylan and The Beatles as well as modern acts like The Lumineers and First Aid Kit.  “We also get inspired by our personal experiences and the things we have each gone through,” says Jessica. Their influences are apparent in the new songs which are relatable, taking the listener through the joys and heartache of life, and weaving a story that spans the album. While the band identifies most with the Americana genre, it is easy to hear the blues, indie, and rock elements that wind their way into the melodies. The sibling harmonies and pure instrumentalism that make the music of The Iveys their own runs through the album from start to finish.

The release of Colors of Honey is on the horizon, just in time for the start of the summer touring season. The Iveys have the next six months cut out for them. 500 shows into their career, the band has a heavy tour schedule beginning in June, plus upcoming studio time in preparation for their next release in 2020. The band also releases a new live music video of a cover song each week as part of their “Tuesday Tunes” series. Everyone chalks it up to being one of the positive aspects of being in a band with your siblings; family comes first – not only on weekends and holidays but each time they pick up their instruments or load up the van for concerts across the country.

Colors of Honey will be available on all major services.


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