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Getting to Know Little Room in Florida

There has been this cool video series popping up in my Facebook feed the last few weeks – and it encompasses much of the spirit of what 850ME loves to support.  So, let’s get right to it and share the awesomeness that is Little Room in Florida.

For anyone who isn’t aware – can you introduce yourself and the Little Room in Florida concept.
I’m Javan, and Little Room in Florida is a live music YouTube show that is filmed and recorded in various parts of my house.

How did the idea for Little Room Florida first come about?
I have always enjoyed live music shows like the old soundstage sessions, KEXP, 120minutes, and Austin City Limits growing up.

How does a band get your attention to be considered?
Just send me a message.

What is the mission statement of the project?
To showcase bands that might never get the chance in the truest form possible. We live in a time when technology is making it harder and harder to know whether what’s on a band’s record is something that the band really recorded. Between drum replacement, quantization or auto tune it’s hard to say what’s real in modern music. In the Little Room though, everything is exactly as you hear. I will never disguise anything for a band. All I do is a basic mix and master. Besides that, what you lay down is what you get.

What would be an musician or band that you’d love to be able to record?
For the show, probably no one I could ever pull off here. In general though I think it would be cool to work on a Sunn record, but most of the musicians I love are dead or not making music the same way anymore. That being said I love the live recordings I’m making now, even if I’m not that into every type of music that comes by. Everyone deserves a chance to play here if they want it.

Subscribe to their YouTube channel here.

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