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Secrets She Kept – Black Metal You Should Share

Secrets She Kept hails from Lakeland Florida.   Vocalist Necrol started the black metal band as a studio project, putting together a full band a bit later.  They’ve shared the stage with heavyweights of the metal subgenre – and it warms out metal-loving hearts to have an interview with Necrol to share.

What drew you to black metal over other genres?66027_1299840756178_8193931_n
I think what really draws me to black metal right now is that its such an expressive genre of extreme music. You really have room to just create whatever you’d like and be a musician, as long as its dark in some form or another. You can use orchestras, and samples, and acoustics, and layers, and whatever else… Or, you don’t have to do any of that and just be raw as shit.  There are also the theatrics that can be involved to take your music to another place visually. Other genres of extreme metal don’t really allow that. There is a certain boundary musically and visually with genres like death metal or grind or whatever, that it might seem a little weird to stray too far from the formula. Black metal is a much better form of full expression, imo

What do you feel is the biggest misconception of the black metal community?
Haha… I’m not really aware of any misconceptions about the black metal community, really. Whatever you may think about it is probably true…

How do you feel about the hyphenation that seems to be more prevalent in recent metal and the idea of ‘blackened’?
I think its largely over-used nowadays… It seems that everyone is “blackened” something anymore… But, for some bands it can be very descriptive. In our case, we get called “blackened death” a lot and that seems accurate enough. However, I prefer to just say we’re an extreme metal band… Call it what you want, though.

Who would you most like to share the stage with?
In the past I would probably have answered this in a very basic way and named off bands… But, right now, I really don’t think I have a specific band that I would like Secrets to “share the stage” with. We’ve played a lot of shows with bands we all love and they’ve all been awesome. I think at this point we would just like to share the stage with whoever will have us!

What is the band currently working on? Future release?
Currently the band is working on a new (untitled as of now) album. We’re in the process of getting everything together and getting prepared to start tracking. Things are moving a little slow right now due to all the shows we’ve been doing lately but hopefully we can get on track and have things ready by summer.



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