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Seth Walker’s 30A Songwriter Fest Debut

“Y’all are music heads down there for sure.”

That is quite a distinction coming from Seth Walker – who has lived in three music meccas: Austin, Nashville, and now New Orleans.seth-walker

It will be Walker’s first time to perform at the 30A Songwriter Festival – but isn’t his first to the area.

“I have played in Grayton Beach at Pandora’s. Everything is everything is down on 30A. They didn’t have to twist my arm to come do this one.”

“Originally I moved to Austin – just to kind of get my music career going. I lived there for 15 years. I was ready for a change and had been working up in Nashville quite a bit. I did this record up there I made the jump. I lived there (Nashville) for about three years.”

“New Orleans just called me. I love the culture, the music, the people – and I thought hell man, why not? The universe spun me this way, so here I am.”

With each passing year, it seems like the edges of music genres are becoming less stiff and defined. Walker is usually placed under the Americana label – and although he doesn’t fit the traditional definition of the genre – he is okay with that.

“That word has definitely changed in the last ten years. I guess it is a bigger umbrella of a word now because there are some many genres and subgenres. I think a lot of things get lumped into Americana.”

“I lean more on the blues, soul side and usually Americana would be more on the folk and country side. I glad to be a part of the Americana club, even if I am on the fringe.”

Walker’s honesty about his first songwriting attempts is something to behold – and a great reminder to anyone that feels they aren’t good enough.

When asked about his first songs, he phrases it as, “The first failed attempts were very early.”

“I grew up playing classical music – I grew up playing the cello. I didn’t discover the guitar until college and went hook, line, and sinker for it. Ultimately, dropped out of college to play the guitar.”

“I didn’t start to write until after the first couple years (of playing). I would kind of scribble songs. It was just part of the learning process. I think Willie Nelson said, ‘to be a good song writer you have to write a hundred, throw them away, and start over’.”

“You have to do it. It is your responsibility to fail… at first. That is just part of the process. I know that I learned that lot more from my mistakes than my wins.”

Learn more about Seth Walker at his official website, where you can also listen to a ton of his music.

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