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Seth Walker Review

I talked to Seth Walker leading up to the 30A Songwriter Festival. He had an easy going demeanor of someone who had seen it all. A musician that loves what he does, no matter what genre he is labeled as.

He was our list of artists we had to see during the fest – in part because of his warm personality and in part because of his bluesy tendencies.

Seth’s laid back personality transitions perfectly to the stage. He engages the audience and obviously is there to have a good time.

With a little encouragement from the audience, he played through a slew of blues-inspired tunes with all the swagger of the greats.

As he persuaded the audience to clap along, we were treated to his easy laughter as he poked fun at himself and a few members of the crowd that were rhythmically challenged.  It was all in good fun, as one out-of-sync clapper, further exaggerated his own lack of abilities.

All in all, a Seth Walker show is more than great music – it is great fun.  It was a performance filled with memorable songs, enviable guitar skill, and pure joy.

Learn more about Seth Walker at his official website, where you can also listen to a ton of his music.

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