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Photographer Profile: Jonnie Nye

Welcome Panama City based Jonnie Nye as part of our photographer series!

Where are you based out of?INTERVIEW SIZE051
I would have to say that I’m based predominantly in Bay County (Florida), but I have traveled out of state for photo-shoots and/or weddings which was fun. Answering this question just makes me want to travel more!

What first attracted you to photography?
I’ve always been attracted to visual Arts and photography of all kinds. When I was a kid, I had huge passion for drawing and other mediums like clay and I even did some short stop-action 8mm films. I dabbled with pop culture photography using cameras like the Kodak Instamatics, Kodak 110 Slim Line cameras and maybe a Polaroid or two. I also took a photography class in high school and we used an all manual Minolta. I remember thinking how nice those cameras were, but alas, I was more interested in girls than photography by then and it was years til I got serious about it again (2007)…

When was the first time you felt like a professional photographer?
Shooting a gig for Lavela, it wasn’t really a paying gig, I guess I may have gotten a bar tab out of it.  Somehow I managed to ‘wow’ a few people with an image or two with a flashless Pentax K100D I was shooting with at the time.  Lets just say that shoot and those few lucky images re-ignited my photography fire.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
My favorite style is hard to pin down really, I’m not sure if I know the answer to this question yet. Maybe ask me this in a few years.

Favorite piece of equipment?INTERVIEW SIZE081
My Canon 40D (I call her Kat or Kitty), yeah i know, its not the latest in camera gear, but I’ll put money on it in a fist fight with a dancing monkey any day. Or maybe what I’m trying to say is, the gear is relative to what kind of you passion you put into it.  I’ve seen people do some incredible things in photography, both with the latest technology and also with some old school retro gear.

For me gear is cool, the more gear the better, and that’s never enough, trust me. . . Ask any ‘tog on the street 🙂

What is your dream photography gig?
My dream photography gig would be high end, glam type shoots on location in exotic locales, that would be most excellent!

Any advice for others who are interested in photography?
For people starting off in photography I recommend finding a camera that fits you. Don’t worry about what brands to buy so much, as to how it feels in your hands. Glass (lenses) are everything, so try to purchase them according to your needs.  If just starting out, your camera most likely came with a kit lens, shoot with that till your fingers fall off, then you can think about how serious you want to take your new passion and upgrade accordingly.

Best piece of advice you got starting out?INTERVIEW SIZE091
Best advice I got when I first started out was actually through a website I joined, called DPChallenge.com. They helped me in just about every area of photography, from the technical aspects to the business ends of it. The wealth of information I received from that club’s thousands of helpful members (all photogs like me) and the tutorials that were at my disposal proved invaluable to my overall business and creative development. I believe in surrounding yourself with like-minded enthusiastic individuals. Even now I’m part of an online group on Facebook called the Panama City Photography Club they are a good bunch of people and are always helpful.

What services do you offer?
Nyes Eyes Photography offers a wide range of photographic services in just about every area of photography, including weddings and family portraits, boudoir shoots, modeling portfolios, and special events of every occasion. I’ve shot bands, children, and even pets!

How can someone contact you?
To contact Jonnie Nye (Nyes Eyes Photography) Email me at jonnienye@gmail.com, friend me on FB @ https://www.facebook.com/jonnie.nye ,
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nyes-Eyes-Photography/141502529246413 ,

Oh, and since this is a Music Site i thought I’d share my favorite genres…
1.Metal (w/vocals, not so much screaming or growling)
2.Hard Rock
3.Punk (old school anti-establish stuff like the Clash, Dead K’s)
4.Rap-Core fusion/metal
5. Rockabilly
6.Funk 😉

One comment on “Photographer Profile: Jonnie Nye

  1. Terry Masciello
    January 11, 2014

    Jon Nye is really one of the best in this area. He captures the ultimate in all his photo’s

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