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A Helping Hand….

We’ve been happy to have the lovely Suzi writing for us.  Two pieces have been posted (here and here) with more on the way.1420594_1482547908637333_2137514951_n

When she let us know that a friend of her’s is going through extra hard times and there currently is a GoFundMe set up for him… Any friend of Suzi’s is a friend of ours.

Charlie has been living in a camper – and one day he was lighting his furnace when the unthinkable happened.  He suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns – which if you view the photo of the incident on the site – it is remarkable that he made it out.

Charlie is facing steep medical bills, the camper that was his home along with most of his belongings were lost in the fire.

We asked Suzi to share a bit about Charlie – and she shared a few photos too.1479618_1482547911970666_1580622796_n

“Charlie and I met a couple of years after I graduated. We knew the same people, had the same interests, and went to concerts together.  Charlie was also in a band, and I went to his concerts & shows. We were great friends. He is a great person with a big heart.”

“Charlie is my good friend from home; Chanute KS. Even though we didn’t meet until a few years after I graduated high school. I knew who he was, and had been in the same class with his little brother Willie. He’s an actor, an artist, and a singer.”

“We worked together at a small bar and grill for a short while. I think we seemed to have a “love of music” connection.  I love music and he can actually sing, but our taste in music were very similar.  We have shared some awesome times together at some pretty kick ass concerts.”

“I was also a fan of the bands that Charlie was a part of. Charlie and I have managed to keep in touch throughout the years. Honestly, the people I have met in Destin, remind me of the gang that Charlie and I hung out with. I miss and love them all.  I love how they are coming together so quickly to show their support for Charlie. He is loved by so many.”1422904_1482547915303999_2121138727_n

“Although, Charlie has seen some rough times, if you needed him to be there for you, he was. He helped me with the loss of my dad; when I traveled back home for that.”

“He has two very beautiful daughters, and I am happy that that still have their daddy. He is very lucky and we are all very blessed that he is still on our lives. I wish I could just give him, his family, and all our friends a big group hug.” ~ Suzi


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