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Sasquatch VS Yeti – Monster Movie Needs You!

So you likely have caught onto the fact that we love horror here at 850ME.  After all, we run a regular feature highlighting Horror Queens in the business.

What you may not know, is we have a giant soft spot for creature features – they are always fun, gory filled romps.

Who doesn’t want to see a Sasquatch and a Yeti duke it out?

Sasquatch and Yeti escape Area 55 and head to the woods where a group of paintballers are out having some fun. A group of hunters are sent out to capture them but one of them has other plans.

You can help this movie get made – and for a few bucks get your name in the credits or a shirt that will make everyone envious.  Check out all the details at their official indiegogo. It features some fun names in the horror world, including the lovely Mindy Robinson.

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