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Movie Review: They Will Out Live Us All

Produced, written, and staring Horror Queen Jessi Gotta, They Will Out Live Us All is pure magic. twoula_still7

Taking place in an alternate future, where Hurricane Sandy was just the first of many damaging storms along the east coast, we meet a pair of roommates.   It is their quirkiness and instant likeability that makes the movie.  Daniel (played by Nat Cassidy) and Margot (played by Jessi Gotta) discover that something might knock us off the top spot on the food chain.

They Will Out Live US All is part horror and part comedy, even taking a moment to lampoon the hybrid genre when the roommates settle in to watch a movie.  (If you enjoyed Slither, you will likely enjoy this flick.)

It is Margot and Daniel’s dry take on a world that has long gone to the crapper, that best prepares them for what is to come.  Whether armed with a frying pan or a baseball bat, this duo takes a swing at survival.

The movie is a fun ride, and definitely worth a watch.

Official website: http://www.theywilloutliveusall.com/

They Will Outlive Us All trailer from Jessi Gotta on Vimeo.

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