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The Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa

Way back when we talked about how much we liked Biloxi’s Hard Rock, and you have to appreciate how Destin’s own Hard Rock Cafe 202is such a staunch supporter of original music.  As a corporation, Hard Rock does more than build on the shoulders of giants, proudly displaying pieces of music history, they are out to make an impact.  That is something that I tremendously respect.

So, let’s get to know Tampa’s Hard Rock Casino a little better… and learn how you can be the owner of a Tampa travel mug!

If you have never been to a Hard Rock Casino, they put food, fun, games, and massive amounts of music memorabilia under one roof.  Even if all you do is cruise around to see all the unique things they have stored under glass, a pop into any Hard Rock is always worth it.

With music of some sort going almost every night, poker tournaments, special drawings and cash giveaways, there is bound to be something that speaks to you.

If you are a casino person, they always have promotions going on that are extra enticing.

Whether you want to stay, play, listen, or eat; Tampa’s Hard Rock Casino has you fully covered.

But how do you become the proud owner of this mug?  Come over to our facebook page for a simple contest!

Winner will be drawn at random.  Giveaway closes June 1st.

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