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Tattoo Artist: Jerry Pipkins

Jerry Pipkins has quickly made a name for himself as a quality tattoo artist in the Panama City area.  What further makes him unique is he is constantly blending the tattooed world with the music world.

The grand opening of his new studio, IV Horsemen Tattoo, went down last week and included a performance by the area’s own Again We Rise.

Jerry is an idea person with the drive to get out there and achieve them in spades.  But I’ll let Jerry tell you about himself:

I hail from the super small city of Madison, Florida. I have a wonderful wife, 4 beautiful children with one on the way. I love my family and try to give them as much attention as I can. It’s hard though as a tattoo artist.

I’ve been tattooing on and off since about 1997. In that time I was a contractor, construction worker, truck driver, and I was also even once a car salesman. Somehow through it all I tattooed. I worked for a few different shops here and there over time.

Then all of a sudden I dug in deep about 8 years ago and decided to go full out tattoo artist. It wasn’t long before I decided to dip in deep and try portraits and then realism. I strive with each and every tattoo I do to make it the absolute best I can; to top the tattoos I’ve done before it. I’ve been through a lot of trial and tribulations and through all of that and I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

Recently this year I opened IV Horsemen Tattoo parlor in Panama City and I know it will be a long hard road, but I am ready for what ever life wants to throw at me. I know most have heard it before from many artist and or their supporters so I will not say it here, but my work speaks for itself. All you have to do is look at what I’ve already done. You can view my work on my Facebook or website.



IV Horsemen Tattoo Parlor
417 North Tyndall Parkway
Panama City Florida 32401

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