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Candlelight Red Interview

On February 16th a massive show is coming to Club LA in Destin; Nonpoint, Candlelight Red and Digital Summer.

Over the weekend I interviewed Jeremy Edge, the guitar player for Candlelight Red, as he was on the road to their next gig.Candlelight Red

The Pennsylvania based band has been together for four years. When asked about the meaning of the band name, Jeremy shared, “The name came about by just making up a list of a bunch of random names and picking out the one that sounded the best. We narrowed it down to like five or ten names, and I can’t remember what any of the other contenders were, so I guess we made the right choice.”

“That was definitely something cool that happened early on with us,” Jeremy said of the Guitar Center competition in 2010. “We won the contest to play with KISS in Pittsburgh and also won a grand prize out of the whole national competition. It was definitely a surreal experience  we were setting up for sound check and they were testing the pyro in the back. It was like, wow we are on stage with that. ”

“We’ve done other big tours since, got our record deal, and been on tour with other national acts. It has been a hell of a ride.”

That ride includes having their recent EP and upcoming album produced by Sevendust’s Morgan Rose. “When we were going around looking for producers we had remembered that Morgan mentioned that he was branching out and producing some other bands. We called him up, he understood what we are trying to accomplish. We did the EP with him over the summer, that worked out great. When we had time off again from the Uproar tour, we jumped in the studio and did a full length album. We are hoping for a Spring release for that.”

Although the album doesn’t have an official title yet, Jeremy calls the album’s sound ‘a progression’ from their past releases. Candlelight Red (4)“We’re experimenting with stuff, whether it is the tuning or odd time signatures, or a bit of keyboards here and there. It is definitely a progression from the EP, but it is along the same lines.”

It isn’t the band’s first time to Destin, “We played Club LA while we were on tour with Redlight King and Deuce. It is a great a venue, we had a great time there. We love the area down there. The beaches are beautiful, great weather, and a great place to be. There is a great rock station down there as well. We are really excited to be coming back.”

“It should be a good show. We have a great line-up of bands with Nonpoint and Digital Summer. It is definitely going to be a blast.”

To learn more about the this and other upcoming shows visit http://rockdestin.com/.

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