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Surrender the Fall

The Memphis Tennessee band Surrender the Fall has exploded onto the modern rock scene in the last year. With a single currently at 40 on the active rock chart, lead singer Jared Cole granted an interview to talk about the past, future, and happenstance that makes up Surrender the Fall’s story.

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Cole credits a musically inclined family for having an early interest in music at age thirteen. “As far as what got me into it; I just always loved music, always love melody, always loved the creative process of putting things together, and seeing things come to fruition.”

Calling he wide ranging tastes in music as ‘music without prejudice’ he gave up highschool football because his desire to play music came first. “I often wonder if I ever run into him,” Cole speaking on his high school football coach, “if he would be kind of sour about it or if he would be congratulatory. I don’t know.”

Don’t assume you have Surrender the Fall pegged as that lucky band that never had to pay their dues. “We are really excited about everything that has been going on. It puts us in a place that we haven’t been in before. As far as to the world, we are a baby band, but this band has been around for seven years.”

In fact, there was a time that the band had become so jaded that they nearly ignored the opportunity that catapulted them to the national stage. “We’d been around for a while, so for a band to be kicking it for years and not see as many results as they would like to see, we had gotten really jaded at that point. We had toyed with the idea of dissolving the band. At the last minute Luis Bacardi, who is the owner of the label, hits us up a third time.”Surrender the Fall

The third time was the charm. Surrender the Fall showcased at a Lollapalooza afterparty at the Chicago Hard Rock Hotel. About six weeks later, the band was recording at Sonic Ranch on Barcardi’s Rum Bum label.

Cole often uses phrases like ‘universal’ and ‘Cinderella story’ to describe Surrender the Fall’s path to commercial recognition  Each member has their own tale of happenstance, simply being at the right place at the right time, that led up to their joining the band.

Guitarist Eddie Tyre was displaced due to Katrina. One listen of the band’s demo convinced him to leave behind the idea of rebuilding his house and move to Memphis.

Guitarist Anthony Pitt’s life turned from football to music after one play managed to tear three of the four major ligaments in his knee. When a previous member made the decision to leave the band without much notice, it was Pitts that Cole thought of. A quick audition, less than a week’s worth of rehearsal, and Pitts was in New Orleans playing back to back gigs.

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One of the things that most impressed me during my talk with Cole was his eagerness to share the spotlight with his bandmates. He is proud of the band, what they have accomplished, and is quick to talk about the importance of being equals. “None of us would be here if it wasn’t for the other person.  So it’s not like there is a rockstar in this band. Nobody gets paid more, nobody gets more credit here or there or anything like that. We split everything.”

“We have this saying that a band that gets paid together stays together. We couldn’t do it without each other and it is definitely a family.”

Surrender the Fall is hoping to return to the studio to record new material as soon as this Spring. “Fortunately we are constantly writing and constantly building the catalog. Throwing ideas and demoing and doing pre-production on our own. That is what we love to do.  The creative process keeps everything alive for us.”

However he becomes the most audibly excited when talking about the upcoming video for ‘Some Kind of Perfect.’ Cole wouldn’t give away much about the video’s content saying, “It is going to blow people away. This thing is insane. We had a great time shooting ‘Love Hate Masquerade’ and we sat down with said how are we going to one-up this one?”

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“I have never been more excited about a video in my entire life. This thing is going to be savage and I can’t wait for people to see it.” The release date is tentatively set in the next two or three weeks.

Surrender the Fall will be making their second stop at Club LA in Destin on February 1st.

“We can’t wait to get back out on the road. We are a live a band, that is what we love to do. Touring for us, making the shit go down and having a good time is what we like to do.”

“We love what we do and love were we are at right now.  We are just making the most of it.”

Learn more at www.surrenderthefall.com

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