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Venue Review: The Shed in Destin

Blues, barbeque, and a bona fide good time. The Shed is a series of venues across the south – including one in Destin.

What is great about this place as a music venue is they bring everyone thru from full-fledged blues legends, to up-and-coming performers, to supporting local artists.  (Use this link to see the planned performances.)  It is also a great place for locals to hang out – lots of chairs and tables to enjoy the music.  Picnic tables on the side for smoker’s to be able to listen to music without being in the dinning area.

The Shed does close down early, most music starts around 7 or 8pm and ends at 10:30pm.  The serve food, and have a full bar.  I’m told their barbeque is some of the best around (haven’t personally had it because I’m a vegetarian), and I have enjoyed several of their sides put together as a meal.  The staff is always super nice, and if a problem should occur (one time I ordered a baked potato and the kitchen was out of them) they go out of their way to make it up to you.  (Refund for the item and free side in my case.)  And I am a big believer that you can tell a lot about a place when something goes wrong – and they handled the hic-up with flying colors.

The music is on an outside stage – but they do bring out some lovely heaters during the winter to keep you toasty.  I also like how the stage is set-up, it is 2-3 feet off the ground so even if the crowd feels like dancing you still get a pretty good view.  The stage is a nice in-between size; a little tight for 5 piece bands but 3 and 4 piece bands have enough room to spread out and enjoy themselves.

The Shed is the kind of place where you can kick back and feel like you are at home.  Whether you stop in to grab a beer or to pile on the grub – you will feel comfortable at this venue.

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