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Band Review: Modern Primitive

A sense of humor – a solid band – and classic tunes.

With only three members, Modern Primitive will blow your socks off.

I feel a little guilty writing this review for two reasons; we didn’t stay as long as we normally do before I write a review, and I have no video to share.  However, I will just use that as justification to write a part two in the future.

I have noticed the sign at Foghorns a time or two, lit up with the band name Modern Primitive.  Each time I would think, “Cool name.  Wonder what they play?”  I now know the answer to that question; everything.

In the short span that I was there I heard a great cover of a Stevie Ray Vaughn song – the guitar work was just superb on that, a Bush song, and a cover of Margaritaville with new lyrics for Panama City Beach that turned it into a R rated song.  There were a couple of country-ish songs thrown in the mix as well – making for an interesting set that included something for everyone in the crowd.

Another great surprise was running into Matt – the guy on the right – who is a member of DeadRingers Guild.  A solid metal outfit that is based out of Panama City – and just puts on a great show.   They have been on hiatus for a little while, but still do a occasional show in the area.

Unfortunately I can’t find much of an online presence Modern Primitive – so for the time being it is by the luck of draw getting the pleasure to see them perform.  (Or do what I do, and friend Matt on Facebook.)  But, if you happen to be out one night, and see “Modern Privative” lit up on a venue’s sign, know that you are in for a good night.

5 comments on “Band Review: Modern Primitive

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  4. Neill
    January 27, 2013

    Way cool revue– I really appreciate it ! I promote Modern Primitive on my “PNP productions” page on FB — my name is Neill Pope (also on FB) and I’d love to hear from you. our next gig will be at Patches Feb 16th — send me a friend request so I can get you on my list. going to try to paste a shortcut to the PNP page here : https://www.facebook.com/events/153833734767832/#

    thanks again !

  5. Terri Sylvia
    February 7, 2013

    Modern Primitive is absolutely one of my favorite local bands.NEVER disappointed.If you love music that keeps you moving and songs you all know.(you can actually understand all the lyrics lol).Try to make it out to hear them you will fall in love with the music!!!!

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