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Band Review: Jason D. Williams

Sometimes a jar-dropping performance is just what you need.

So here is a bit of cold hard truth; I can be a music snob, set in my ways about listening to anything outside of my hard rock sonic box.  It is why my very first post of this blog freely admitted my bias.   Why am I am bringing this up now?  Because the awe that I experienced over Jason D. Williams’ performance can only really be conveyed once it is understood that it is rare for me to be truly hyped about something that is so different from what I listen to everyday.

To start at the beginning – Jason D. Williams is a piano player, singer, but above all a performer.  The level of enthusiasm, vigor, and talent that he possess simply are beyond words.  It is a bit like watching a cartoon character all the while listening to a master musician. He also has a really nice website that goes into detail about his history with music, his band, links to social sites, and buying CDs: http://www.rockinjasondwilliams.com/

To pin him to one style of music is near impossible – it is a swirling mix of classical piano, rock-a-billy, country twang, and pure Jerry Lee styled rock-n-roll.  But that is a huge part of the charm from song to song.  Each song bares its own characteristics, and even his performance of a given song reflects its personality.

From working the crowd, to allowing kids on stage, to using the piano to stand on – Williams knew how to keep the crowd with him from the moment he took the stage.

If the opportunity should ever arise that you get the chance to see him perform – jump on it.  Even if, like me, you can a bit of a music snob.

5 comments on “Band Review: Jason D. Williams

  1. Jennifer williams
    April 27, 2011

    Thank you!!what show did you see?
    Jason D

    • 850music
      April 28, 2011

      It was at Alys Beach, Florida. Actual comment from Jason himself?! Too cool!

  2. Randall Masters
    April 27, 2011

    Jason is one heck-of-a-performer…thats for sure….i saw him 2 times in 2009 and 2 times in 2010…none so far in 2011…i sure hope i get to see him this year…i like your youtubes on Jason, but i can tell they were recorded to close in…it was to noisy…its best to be back a bit…..i know from experience…

    • 850music
      April 28, 2011

      I hope you get another chance as well!

      My camera isn’t the best at audio no matter where I film from – and most of my posts say that upfront. Acutally some of the videos were recorded about as far from the speakers as I could get at that venue. I filmed from 3 different locations during the show – and some are better than others. Thanks for the comment.

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