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Venue Review: Ms Newbys / Ms Newbys Too

One review for two places?!  So the locations are a bit different from one another, and I will highlight those differences further down this post, but the two are far more alike than they are different:

Both are located on Thomas Drive in Panama City Beach.
Both offer a mix of live music and karaoke – depending on the night.

But here is the big one.  They both have a reputation of being a little rough, but I would like to help change that all-to commonly held thought.  Maybe it is because both places do cater heavily to bikers, and to some ways of thinking bikers are still synonymous with trouble.  Whatever the reason – it holds little truth – no more so than any other bar in the 850 that I have visited.  Actually, I’ve been to a couple that are considered more “upscale” only to the a little freaked out – not feeling at ease and comfortable in the space because of some issue.  This hasn’t happened to me at Newby’s – I always feel safe and comfortable.  Between the organized security team keeping an eye on things, and locals looking out for each other, I have no issue hanging out at either location.

So the differences.

Ms Newbys is located slightly more westward than it’s sister bar.  They pretty much have music every Friday and Saturday night.  The best way to check out these listings is on their website: http://www.msnewbyspcb.com/LiveMusic.html

Their are two separate parts of the bar – one is entirely inside and the other is closed off by garage styled doors.  That section was just a covered outside bar, until the recent changes in the way Panama City Beach is over zealously handling sound ordinance issues, and now it is a bit more closed in.  The bands always play in this section – it is a nice stage set-up.  (You can check it out in those Sin Seven videos and my photos on flickr.) Even though this section is closed in, there still is air movement through, which is really nice or a bit chilly depending on the weather.

The biggest thing that Ms Newbys Too has that its sister bar doesn’t, is they way the stage is set up for bands.  The stage itself isn’t all that special, but there is a very easy loading/unloading side exit that makes special shows with multiple bands a breeze.  They don’t have music through on a set schedule (unless you count karaoke) but do have awesome special events.  We are talking about Sons of Tonatiuh, Zoroaster, Crowbar, Dark Castle, and many many more.  They continually are bringing through bands that I am excited to see.

So with all that said – swing by.  Check out one of their locations.  Let go of your misconceptions and enjoy yourself.

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