850 Music & Entertainment

Exploring Entertainment in Florida's 850 & Beyond


I hope you like this little blog.  I hope to share upcoming events, especially music in the area.  850 is the area code prefix for a wide area of Florida – the Panhandle of Florida – the Emerald Coast – North West Florida – all aspects of 850.  Although I hope to share events that cover that wide-ranging area, most of the time I’ll be focused on events from Destin to Panama City, including areas in-between. 

My admission of bias: Although I will happily report on a variety of music – and generally speaking nearly any live music is good music in my book – my heart mostly lies with blues, rock, alternative, and various types of metal.  So with that in mind, posts will somewhat reflect my sensibility in music as a whole. 

Lastly, if you are a band or venue that would like a few pointers on how to market a show – send me an email. 850music at gmail.com.  I have a background in promoting events and am happy to give pointers.  If you are looking for more in depth consulting or web services, I offer affordable rates to help with that as well. 

I hope that you enjoy this blog – and find it useful in finding new music to listen to, locals venues to support, and much more.

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