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The Basics

When you are looking for good music there are a couple sites that you should always take the time to browse through.  These sites are the top places that most artists, venues, etc take the time to post information about upcoming shows…. Only that isn’t always the case.  The main reason I started this blog is because I recently attended two very good shows that were woefully illattended.  It happens.  Sometimes the word doesn’t get out as much as it should – but in my own small way I hope to help solve that problem. 

Eventful – One of the most common event posting sites.  Wide range of events posted.

Reverbnation – Artist focused site.  Merges aspects of social networking with an event website.  What I love about this one is with a couple clicks a lot of times you can sample an artists material and listen in to get an idea of what you are in for if you see them live.

Zevents – Another good event listing site – I usually only turn to this one when the other two fail me.

Happy Hunting!

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