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Nik Flagstar’s Top Pensacon Moments

2021’s Pensacon moved to May – which meant Eddie and I couldn’t make it this time around. So to celebrate the event, I figured who better than longtime guest and friend of the site than Nik Flagstar. Here’s his rundown of favorite moments:

We arrived, my lady-love and I, on a hot early summer, Friday afternoon. Immediately upon our arrival, I was scheduled to play an acoustic set of music for the attendees waiting to enter The Bay Center in Pensacola for the first day of Pensacon 2021, which had been double rescheduled because of Covid. Pensacon is usually an end-of-winter affair.

As the ticket line dwindled and the line on the entrance ramps grew to numbers in the thousands I began to play, some of my more faithful friends and fans gathered close to the stage on Poseidon’s Bay (Pensacon’s outdoor performance venue and food truck area). I played a rousing set of Horror Themed songs from over the years with a mix of my own material. After that performance, we entered the main venue to see some of our celebrity friends and meet some new faces. One of which was Mr. Harry Waters Jr. (Marvin Berry from Back To The Future, the leader of The Starlighters, the band at The Enchantment Under The Sea Dance). We made plans to perform together later at the event, a rendition of Earth Angle to open the festivities at Pensacon’s official Enchantment Under The Sea after-party, complete with a party decree from Mayor Goldie Wilson himself, Donald Fullilove.

Pensacon 2021 hosted MANY fascinating people, including George Wendt (Norm from Cheers), Michael Pare (Eddie from Eddie And The Cruisers), Judith Hoage (April O’Neil from The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). Patrick Warburton (The Tick, Family Guy, Seinfeld), Jason London (Dazed And Confused) who, along with Corin Nemic are working on a new Television Project, entitled Blackwater Blues, for which one of my songs will be the closing credits outro and the opening theme is composed by Kansas City singer-songwriter Clay Hughes. There were many more guests along with the actors, such as artists like Mark Maddox (Scream Factory) and Bill Morrison (Mad Magazine, The Simpsons) on hand for chats and panels.

I hosted a panel/performance called “A Brief History of Horror Music” where I read facts about songs with Horror Subjects, and performed them chronologically. I cohosted another panel called “For The Love of B’s” about B Movies with other people from the film team of ZOMBEEZ a soon-to-be-released Zombie Honey Bee movie for which Nik Flagstar And His Dirty Mangy Dogs composed and recorded a theme song. We closed out the event with a full band performance back on the Poseidon’s Bay stage to the Sunday attendees exiting The Bay Center and immediately chugged a gallon of water as to not pass out from the heat! We had an excellent time at Pensacon, as always, and I recommend everyone in the area try to attend Pensacon 2022 – February 18-20!




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