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Morning Trips Releases ‘Follow the Blind’

Once upon a time, this highschool kid helped nurture his scene with mix-genre original music showcases in Ft Walton.  It was then, a good six years ago or so, I first saw just what Brady Lynch was capable of.  He was figuring out every aspect of booking, marketing, organizing, and making a show a reality in a space that didn’t often host live music. It’s a feat.  And Lynch made those events special.

I didn’t make it to all of them, but those Fort Walton Moose Lodge shows introduced me to friends, new music, and a connection to that raw enthusiasm of people who love what they are creating.

Lynch is part of a new band, Morning Trips, and they dropped a new single and video this week.  Keep reading for my email interview with Lynch about the band and be sure to follow all their socials.

Can you tell us the story about how the band formed? And how the name came about?
Morning Trips was formed out of a living room/garage with a crappy Dell Laptop and novice demos. It grew, morphed, and expanded into what it is today through mutual friendships and internet browsing. I met Logan growing up in school and we knew each other around the music scene, and there was always a mutual respect between us. Amos, our guitarist, I met at a house party through friends in the music scene. Noah, our drummer, I found through a website called “Band-Mix.” I liked how well crafted his bio was, so I knew he had the chops I was looking for. The name Morning Trips came about after I was looking for inspiration in this book of poetry but an author named Rumi. I remember seeing “Morning” on one side of the page and “Trips” immediately on the other and it sort of just clicked.

What can we expect from the upcoming material that y’all are releasing?
Our sound I think is very versatile, but we try to remain as cohesive as possible. Music listeners don’t limit themselves to just listening to a few genres, so we try to take that same approach when creating. I would say the next music is more aggressive than Follow the Blind, but there’s still a lot of lounge tunes and dreamy guitar melodies that we are pumped about. I’m really excited about this song called, “Di / Hi”, which is just this aggressive, 2 and half minute punk song, that just feels like a high-speed car chase. There’s some weird electronic stuff in there too, stuff we are still trying to get right live before we debut them. I’d say if you’ve followed us since Day 1, you will finally hear the proper way a lot of the stuff we have performed live more properly. I think the newest music we are creating right now is definitely getting a little stranger but still formal and structured. Another song called – “We Have No Time For Now”, which was inspired by The Used, but it sort of to me sounds like Follow the Blind’s brother. That’s a song we might release first before we ever play it live.

Can you give us an overall description our the band’s sound?
We get described as dreamy a lot so I think that is accurate sonically. I think we get so caught up in the creation process we sort of lose sight on how to properly assess each song and put it in a genre. But I suppose that’s why genres are a thing. I’m always more interested in how the people who listen to us perceive us. There is usually always at least one person who walks up and mentions, “You guys have a cool sound”, but that’s usually it. I never know what that means but it has resonated with some people so that is great. We can hit you with a straight 2 minutes of adrenaline, having your heart pulsating out of your chest – then have everybody in the room slow dancing to a hazy, 5 minute 90’s Neo-Soul inspired ballad. Then go into a straight 3 minute, loud, noise inspired tune, and end with shoe-gaze inspired alternative rock. Follow the Blind is 4 and a half minutes of bubbly, playful synth-pop. I think we try to capture inward observations and optimism in sound, in the most truthful way we can.

What do you hope the future holds for Morning Trips?
We have a lot of cool plans lined up for 2020 despite the global pandemic. Really in our personal lives, we want to be able to go back to our daily routines in a way but we have a lot more time to create and record. We have a lot of music on laptops that I’m excited to share with people. For 2020, the plan is to release at least 3, possibly 4 more singles. There are some songs up to 2 years old I’m excited to finally release but also some newer written material in there. I’m hoping to have those tracks finished by summer. Then we are gonna pick about 7-8 of our songs and starting tracking those properly in the fall. We are gonna pick probably 5 of those songs from those sessions to be our first EP in 2021, which we want to encompass a little bit of everything of our sound but be the most cohesive effort yet. We of course, also can’t wait to get back to playing live again and doing more touring.

What do you hope someone takes away from listening to the new single?
I hope you look inward with all your relationships, friendships, and partnerships. Look at how you have personally treated those close to you in both positive and negative lights. Make observations in how you respond to each of them in a different way, and try to understand what that tells you about the layers of your personality. I hope you also laugh because we wanted to make people laugh with the video, and I feel like the world could use a laugh. And dance. We want people to dance. Even if you are bad at it like me.





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