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Album Review: Another Day Dawns “Stranger”

by Kristina Wright

It’s been several years since I’ve been able to properly give a review of new music, and I feel like “Another Day Dawns” was a great reintroduction to this world – it kicked the door wide open and put my dormant writing brain back into gear. The vocals are just gritty enough that you don’t feel like you’re riding the same wave of “popular” music on the radio these days, but have a familiar touch that allows you to acclimate pretty quickly to learning the lyrics.

My immediate reaction to “Beautiful Suicide” was one of welcome influences from several bands and genres I adore. I hear some slight Adema nuances, which pleases me to no end. I will forever live lucidly in the 90’s-early 2000’s musical time frame, so these guys are right up my alley. The steady backbeat makes me feel like this would be an epic aggressive treadmill track, so I’m definitely keeping this on my iPod for that extra gym motivational boost.

“Am I” and “Taste of Heaven” took a slightly different turn for me, with a slower tempo and more melodic harmony, showing a bit more of a secretly emotional side no one really wants to share; but what better place to put all that than in a song everyone can relate to?

“Never Okay” hit me pretty hard in the feels. I grew up never truly being able to express what was inside, and this still strikes a pretty powerful chord as an adult. That feeling of being stuck right there, in the thick of all that pain and hurt, and no one ever knowing exactly how much it’s tearing you apart. It’s intense when a song can simultaneously bring all those memories back, and also make you grateful you made it out alive at the same time.

“Forget Me Not” was a great way to finish out this EP, with a little edge, some heavier progression, and that reestablishment of power. Definitely, a way to make an impression!

Overall, I truly like what these guys have presented. The songs flow together beautifully, and are perfectly balanced in a way to enjoy at face value; as well as let a few sneaky verses take hold and strike some “Stand Up and Fight” back into your step.

I truly can’t wait to hear more from these guys.

Keep up with the band and find all their socials at: https://www.anotherdaydawns.com/


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