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Curious George Reveals Messages of Friendship

I’ve made no secret of my love of horror movies or dark things – dramas and moody pieces. But one thing that I maybe haven’t been as vocal about is I’m a sucker for all the nostalgia stuff just like most of us, The cartoons I grew up in all the 90s, Nick Toons – just all those things that brought joy as a kid.

So much of the Florida Panhandle is struggling right now and tapping into that joy – that little bit of nostalgia is kind of a beautiful thing.

By happenstance one of the last productions from Emerald Coast Theatre Company was Curious George and the Golden Meatball. It was a very fast-paced, fun, kid-friendly 40-minute play about the monkey Curious George. Geroge was played by an adult human who ran around and having an adventure that involves meatballs. It was bright and colorful – everyone’s costumes were just amazing.

It’s filled with music and songs. Everybody dances and lots of music very energetic. It’s all very happy.

I went to photograph dress rehearsal. I love photographing dress rehearsals because it means I have the freedom to move around and not feel guilty for getting in an audience member’s way – because there isn’t a full audience.

So as I was taking photos and watching the play – just the happiness of it, the messages of love and friendship. I couldn’t help but think about the impact it can have. Not only is it a positive experience for all the kids who are coming through the field trip programs, but a small percentage of those kids are going to be recent or temporary transplants from nearby counties who have lost just about everything due to hurricane Micheal.

I hope for that 40 minutes, real life seemed a little more okay. That anything seemed possible. That joy can come from unusual moments and how even through life’s mistakes, tragedies, and hardships, we can make it out the other side when we help each other.

I’m fully aware that it’s a piece of happenstance that this is all worked out this way at Emerald Coast Theatre Company. They pick out their seasons, a year’s worth of plays way in advance. So those messages of friendship, being there for each other – it’s just a timely piece of happenstance. And for an area that needs it right now, an area that’s being so strong for each other – it’s nice to have a little bit of distraction, a little bit nostalgia, and yeah, a little bit of joy.


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