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Movie Review: Clowntergeist

We all knew that ‘IT’ would bring out a slew of indie-horror clown movies – and I’m all for it. Given that the horror genre has been overloaded on zombies, it is nice to have a change of pace in monsters. Clowns offer a pretty wide variety of villain types to create from as Clowntergeist and the upcoming Circus Kane review help show.

Billed as ‘Poltergeist meets IT,’ Clowntergeist premieres via VOD September 12th, thanks to the fine folks at High Octane Pictures.

First, know what you are in for this movie – it has a pretty low budget that they stretched as far as possible. They also play on some horror troupes and urban legends – both of which make sense due to the evil clown working in their dreams like a less charred Freddy Krueger.

Like the tagline suggests, this clown suffers from demon possession, so it enjoys haunting and taunting its victims up to their predetermined time of death. You never know where the not-so-friendly thing will pop up, nowhere is safe.

The film mostly centers on roommates played by Monica Baker and Brittany Belland as they face down the clown. Director/writer Aaron Mirtes also steps in as an actor – the protective male coworker who tries to help the girls, even when he doesn’t fully believe them. The trio does a great job carrying the bulk of the film – and you find yourself rooting for them to survive the demon in face paint.

With a couple twists and a general vibe of making a fun horror movie (the trio often are found at a 50’s style ice cream parlor – which lends to a certain flavor of innocence for a group of college kids), Clowntergeist is an enjoyable romp.

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