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Movie Review: Watch Over Us

Watch Over Us
Review by Rob Perez10960201_10155250231080182_6589377621082437825_o

Something’s very wrong with the Randalls. Between down on his luck John dealing with divorce, his ailing father and struggling to take care of his 3 kids, it seems like the world is poised against them. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, their homestead might be possessed as well. The answers they find there? Finding out for yourself is half the fun.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as F.C. Rabbath delivers a nice little slice of indie psychological horror that was all “written, directed, shot and cut” by Rabbath himself.  Rabbath delivers on some crisp, Von Trier-esque visuals matched with a creepy score and great sound editing. The scenes played out in the home (and, more specifically to the story, the barn) build genuine tension, all adding to make for some good, even great subsequent scares.

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