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Where Truth and Fiction Collide: A Review of Seaside Rep’s ‘Shipwrecked!’

I like going into plays and movies cold when possible. It shields me from being privy to the plot’s twists and turns, allowing my sense of disbelief to be further extended. In other words – the less I know going in, the easier it is for me to turn off my brain and just enjoy what is laid out in front of me.

That also colors how I write reviews, which poses an interesting challenge with a play like “Shipwrecked! An Entertainment. The Amazing Adventures of Louis De Rougemont (as told by himself)”Seaside Rep

First, take a minute to take in that monster of a play name.  That really is the play name in its entirety.

Louis De Rougemont is an alias of a real person born in 1847, who wrote about a series of adventures from Europe to Australia.

The play itself is wonderfully written – it includes moments ripe for improv, breaks the forth wall to talk directly to the audience, and has chunks of pure belly-laughter to help the plot move quickly along.  It is directed for The Seaside Rep by Scott Stackhouse.

Only three actors touch the stage: Brook Stetler who plays Rougemont from a gleeful child to a slow moving old man – and at times he stops to narrate the action or clearly explain to the audience the magnitude of the scene.  Along with Charis Sellick and Kyle Walker who have to wear many hats (literally and figuratively) playing every extra character that Rougemont comes across over the scope of the performance. It is they who help keep the play’s mood light and the laughter flowing.

It’s a family friendly excursion from The Seaside Rep, likely rating tamer than PG by movie standards.  Like the best pieces of family entertainment – kids will just laugh at the goofiness while adults can take away some interesting themes about life and honesty.

The play runs in July, August, and September, giving you lots of chances to experience it for yourself. Visit the Seaside Repertory Theatre’s official website to see the full schedule and purchase your tickets online or buy them at the door of the Seaside Meeting Hall.

And check out all of the photos we snapped of the media preview performance – you can’t look at these images without knowing you are in for a fun ride!


One comment on “Where Truth and Fiction Collide: A Review of Seaside Rep’s ‘Shipwrecked!’

  1. Chris Manson
    June 10, 2015

    Well done!

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