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Live-in Fear – Movie Review

It isn’t much of a surprise that trust is often a primary theme in genre movies – especially broken trust. Betrayal can be the emotional sucker punch, helping you side with a character or label them something less than flattering.aaLIF Poster Final

Live-In Fear has a familiar set up to horror fans – young adults head to a secluded location for some r&r when everything quickly goes sideways. Instead of monsters, zombies, or a mutant virus – the biggest challenge the group has to face is themselves and who they really are. Leaning on elements of surrealism, every motive and intention is called into question. Do you really know your friends? Live-In Fear proposes that you might not.

Trusting another is a hard enough concept – but can you trust yourself? That is most jarring question that Live-In Fear throws at you. The idea that no matter how well you know yourself that something unquestionably evil is potentially lurking right below the surface, looking for an opportunity to make its mark on the world, and lying to yourself could be the ultimate mortal sin.

The movie came to us by way of Maria Olsen and MOnsterworks66 Productions. Olsen who usually plays hard edge characters or outright monsters – stepped into a softer persona for this film. It was definitely a treat to see that aspect of her acting range shine through.

Live-In Fear was written and directed by Brandon Scullion. His company Iodine Sky Productions co-produced the movie with Olsen’s MOnsterworks66.

Check out the official trailer:

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