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Hear the Call of ‘Call of All’

Call of All is officially only a two man outfit – but they hope that their newly released single ‘War & Illusion’ will grab ears and propel them into a tour with a full band.call of all

Hunter Watson said he first met Cody Webb in 2008 near their respective hometowns in Muscle Shoals Alabama, “We met at a show he was doing and didn’t cross paths again until 2011. I had started my old band and he actually helped mix and master my old record. So I would say that our relationship strengthened and friendship strengthened more through that process.”

Webb proposed a collaboration as Watson’s project came to a close and they dived head first into the writing process.

“It is the two of us,” Webb explains of the project. “We decided when we started this thing that we would keep it simple. On the record he did most of the takes on vocals and I did guitar, harmonies, and bass. And then we had some session players come in and do drums and whatnot.”

“Ultimately what you are going to see on stage is Hunter fronting the band and me doing guitars and back-up,” shares Webb of Call of All’s touring plans.

Webb currently calls Birmingham Alabama home, fronting Ages Apart who just released a full-length album, doing studio session work, and producing other bands in his studio. Watson now calls Destin Florida home and recently was signed to a modeling agency.

“Big guitars, pop vocal melodies, and good grooves are the biggest things for us,” Webb says of the principles behind Call of All.

The two place a lot of value on garnering radio play, or as Webb puts it, “I think one thing is having good rock stations help provide that opportunity – a listener could be on the fence about going and finding new music, but I think rock stations role is to play new music. They might play bands you’ve never heard of but they are picking out quality. I think radio still holds a big key to new music.”

The hope is that if they can grow their radio presence, they will build on the achievement with a series of acoustic shows to maximize their exposure.

Call of All already has a full album waiting in the wings – just waiting for the perfect time for their release.


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