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BytchFest Takes Over Pensacola’s Handlebar

A truly active, healthy music scene needs ambassadors. People who do all they can to help the scene grow and develop into something larger than where it currently stands. Ambassadors can come in many forms – but no one is more capable to advocating for musicians than a fellow musician.

Nicole Tyree performs under the name Angry Ana and she is a scene advocate. That includes being the organizer and founder of BytchFest –flyer an event that shines a light on a range of female performers. The event takes place at The Handlebar in Pensacola on Saturday, May 16th – with the doors opening at 8pm.

“I have been thinking about this concept for some years now,” shares Tyree of the seeds that grew into BytchFest. “As a huge lover of music, I have been going to shows my entire life. It all started with Lollapalooza I suppose. I was mesmerized by the culmination of all of my favorite bands in one arena. There is such an energy that flows through the air when you get that much talent and inspiration under one umbrella.”

For BytchFest that talent includes Betsy Badwater, Season Ammons, Lauren Kay, Schatzi+The String Boffin, Stacey Hampton, and Angry Ana. In addition Miss Sunshine Hooper (aka Katrina Gumpel) will join for dancing visual effects during the event.

“I wanted to create a platform that would bring women together, for a night of empowerment and expression through their original music. A chance to feel part of a sisterhood for an experience like none other.”

Tyree hopes that the event will grow with each year, “I aim to make this an annual event. I have had over a dozen girls contact me, wanting in the next show. There is no shortage of talent waiting to get on the next bill, that’s the truth.”poster

All the more reason for you to attend the first one – to say that you saw how it all started.

“I think that a show like this, with this many talented ladies – writing, singing, and playing their own instruments – well you just can’t get any better than that. This is a chance for people to see real, raw talent, up close and personal – right in your backyard, for a small modest fee.”

“I hope that BytchFest goes on forever. I have two amazing daughters that also carry my drive and ambition. We are strong and confident girls. And we want all girls to feel the same. This is for the sisterhood.”

Learn more about Angry Ana at: http://www.reverbnation.com/angryana4

Learn more about BytchFest at: https://www.facebook.com/events/1401664170144740/

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