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On The Cinder to Hit Pensacola

On The Cinder will be hitting Pensacola’s The Grunge Bar on 4/19 and they were nice enough to let us get to know them some before they hit the road.  Safe travels guys!

* Who is answering the questions, and what is your role in the band?
Mike Jacobs (Bass and Vocals)
Jason Wright (Guitar and Vocals)press

* What was your first exposure to punk music?
Jason: I had a copy of Dookie (Green Day) growing up, and it sat for about a year before I actually popped it into my CD player. It was cool, and it was a nice change from all of the 90s radio, but it wasn’t long before I discovered NOFX and then took a big tumble down a slippery slope. Now I tend to prefer the harder side of punk rock and I can’t say that I have a ton of Green Day left in my collection, but I try to give credit where it’s due.

Mike: My middle school girlfriend’s mom gave me a copy of “…And out come the Wolves” and that was a big game changer. I had young parents growing up who had a copy of Dookie, though Rancid’s album really got me into the dirtier side of punk rock. The dual vocals and the big variety of music gave me a new outlook on what a band can be – not just looking and sounding pretty.

* Y’all say that one of your goals is to tour as much as you can. Why do you think that is important?
We live in an age where everyone and anyone can make their music available to the public for free and people can find any music that they want to listen to, at any time. We don’t have to sit and listen to whatever the radio spoon feeds us anymore. Being a band today is sort of like a small fish in a giant pond. To leave a lasting impression and get your music heard, you have to go to the people, or else they may never know that you exist.

* What would you like to see happen to punk music and the underground music scene? What can someone do to help it grow?
The underground is alive and kicking, you just have to know where to look. We try to do our part here in Buffalo by getting touring bands in front of people who care about music. Underground shows in houses or small DIY spaces are often some of the best opportunities for bands to grow. The people involved in these sorts of projects usually care a lot about the music, the bands, and the others who support what they do.

Support comes in a lot of different forms: setting up shows, buying a T-shirt or a sticker, spreading the word about a band you like, or just jumping around and having a good time.press 2

* Why did the punk genre speak to you? Why did you land on this genre as a means of expression?
Jason: I first fell in love with punk because of the high energy and the “can’t stop us” mentality. It has always been inspiring to me how much you can do if you’re willing to stand up to the challenge. Certainly it has it’s flaws, like anything else, but the ideals still hold true for me.

Mike: Punk music has always been a source of honesty to me. The songs aren’t just about getting laid, making money, and attaining success. I appreciate the fact that a songwriter can express anything they value in life through punk rock and its not immediately written off. I’ve always felt this genre can be the vessel to lead you to your peak and carry you through your lowest times.

* What do you hope someone’s biggest take away from one of your live shows is?
Jason: I would love to be able to say that we inspire people, but that seems kind of lofty. We play our hearts out at every shows and we hope that people can see that. I can’t recall a time when we’ve walked away after a set without all 3 of us dripping in sweat and ready to fall over.
We try to keep the shows as personal as we can, while still putting on a good show, and we enjoy playing for 2 people that care as much as we enjoy playing for 200 people.

Mike: If we can inspire someone to start their own band and work out their own problems through music I’d be really touched. Music can heal, forgive, frustrate, and overwhelm you with every state of the emotional spectrum. All I’d hope to instill in the people that see us is “Always do your best and never be satisfied”.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onthecinder
Bandcamp: http://onthecinder.bandcamp.com/
Music video: http://dyingscene.com/news/on-the-cinder-releases-video-for-for-the-lost-and-the-loud/
Latest Release: http://www.fortheloveofpunk.com/cinder-stream-new-ep-caustic-pre-orders-available-now/

Spring 2015 Tour
3/26 – Canton, OH – Buzzbin Art & Music Shop
3/27 – Grand Rapids, MI – Mulligan’s Pub
3/28 – Chicago, IL – An Seanachi
3/29 – Indianapolis, IN – Spunk Manor
3/30 – Columbus, OH – Bernie’s Distillery
4/01 – Pittsburgh, PA – Moron Mountain
4/02 – Lancaster, PA – Fulton Street Arts Co-op
4/03 – Dover, NH – The Dover Brickhouse
4/04 – Boston, MA – Midway Café
4/06 – Salem, MA – It’s Gonna Get Weird
4/07 – Brooklyn, NY – The Grand Victory
4/08 – New Brunswick, NJ – The Rail House
4/10 – Hastings-On-Hudson – River Roadhouse
4/11 – Philadelphia, PA – The Nest
4/12 – Trenton, NJ – The Mill Hill Basement
4/14 – Chapel Hill, NC – The Cave
4/15 – Wilmington, NC – The Juggling Gypsy
4/16 – Savannah, GA – The Jinx
4/17 – Gainesville, FL – Display Art Gallery
4/18 – New Port Richey, FL – Insomniacs
4/19 – Pensacola, FL – The Grunge Bar
4/21 – New Orleans, LA – Checkpoint Charlie’s
4/22 – Memphis, TN – Murphy’s Pub
4/24 – Springfield, IL – The Black Sheep Café
4/25 – Milwaukee, WI – Quarters Rock n Roll Palace
4/26 – Cincinnati, OH – Backstage, Café
4/28 – Fort Wayne, IN – Skeletunes Lounge
4/29 – Bloomington, IN – Crush Grove
4/30 – Flint, MI – The Forbidden Zone
5/1 – Detroit, MI – The Sanctuary

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