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The Movie Extra is Extraordinary

The Movie Extra is a subversive, self-deprecating, self-referencing comedy that is a joy to watch.

It’s part romantic and part superhero – but all laughs. We’ve all seen those movies that feel like they are following every beat of a well worn path. They are walking cliches, and you know what will happen before the next scene hits the screen.

The Movie Extra takes all of those cliches and shines a glorious spotlight on their ridiculousness. From the little things that we all catch in movies, to questioning how character developments works, and continually breaking the forth wall – this is one of the better written comedies I’ve seen in a long while.

The acting is a blast, because most of the characters are meant to be extreme representations of archetypes. Some of the shots are terrifically thought through, turning the movie in a nearly cartoon-y delight.

The Movie Extra came to us by way of director F. C. Rabbath, who also is behind Scarlet’s Witch. Both films were produced right here in the sunshine state and he has two other movies in the pipeline for this year.  Check out the posters below!

Learn more about Rabbath at http://youtube.com/fcrabbath


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