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Scarlet’s Witch – Movie Review

Tallahassee based F.C. Rabbath is looking to make a lasting mark on the industry with the full length Scarlet’s Witch.10479746_332469873567898_5659143529987640547_n

At its heart, it is a character driven coming of age tale wrapped up in a classic fairytale archetype of the crone witch that lives in an old cottage deep in the woods. What happens when a girl who believes in fairytales – for good reason – tries to step into the world she deems as adult? How do you reconcile fantasy with reality when both are occurring?

It is a beautifully executed movie. Indie movies find their pitfalls in issues around color correction, sound design, and pacing- but this movie avoids all those stumbling blocks with ease.

Without a doubt, Scarlet’s Witch is a dream come true for Rabbath and crew. They created a stylized, yet modern, piece of cinematic storytelling.

It doesn’t have an official MPAA style rating attached to it – but if I had to guess it would only be rated PG.  It has a family-friendly vibe for the most part and has strong themes about young women being independent and finding the path that they feel is best.

The movie is posted on various Video on Demand platforms, and check out the trailer for Scarlet’s Witch below.

GOOGLE PLAY: http://goo.gl/D6LA1f
M-GO (4K UHD, Roku, PC, Mobile & Samsung TV’s): http://goo.gl/I118BX
VIMEO ON DEMAND: http://goo.gl/LWAhTA
XBOX VIDEO: http://goo.gl/Y5MYmw (Studios > Mance Media > Scarlet’s Witch)

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