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Leonard Peltier Freedom Event – August 29th in Macon, Georgia.

This press release was passed our way – about an 850 area band doing everything in their power to support a cause they believe in.

On August 29, 2014 Tallahassee area band Bruised Grass will be taking their mission to Macon, Georgia.248914_553332201366293_1446546942_n

The Leonard Peltier Freedom Event is in partnership with SimpleMan Music, Bruised Grass, Grant’s Lounge, and the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.  The event will be held at Grant’s Lounge on 576 Poplar St, Macon, Georgia.  Event starts at 7pn on August 29th.

Bruised Grass is traveling to Georgia to promote the cause on behalf of Leonard Peltier, who is medically ailing in a Coleman, Florida Federal Correctional Institution without proper care. The concert event will cost $10 with the proceeds going to Leonard’s prison account.

Those who are unable to attend the event are encourage to sign the online petition at  httt://www.leonardpeltier.info/petition.

Leonard Peltier is known the world over as a Native American Political Prisoner, yet amongst other things is an artist, a humanitarian, a writer, a father, a grandfather, and an elder.  He has been nominated numerous times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was once on the ballot in California for President of the United States.  After 38 years in prison, stints in solitary confinement, horrible beatings, and repeatedly having had his rights voided at every turn – Peltier has managed to remain human, kind, and hopeful.

In 1977, Peltier was wrongfully convicted for the murders of 2 FBI Agents on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  The occupation of Wounded Knee and an era in Indian Country known as the “ reign of terror” led to an incident on June 26, 1975.  Three men were killed, including two FBI Agents.  The use of constitutional violations, witness coercions, evidence tampering, and a myriad other violations of justice put Peltier in prison and has kept him there for almost 40 years.

Bruised Grass’ activist and songwriter Warren Simpson is one of the organizers of the event and can be contacted through http://www.bruisedgrass.com.

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