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April 19th is Record Store Day!

Record Store Day is upon us again!
by Sharra Michelle Reynolds
(Note from 850ME: This is Sharra’s first piece for us!  And we are super excited to have her on board!)

This Saturday marks the 8th annual event in which independently owned record stores will partake in the now international celebration. The area’s very own Central Square Records in Seaside will be observing the festivities by opening their doors Saturday, April 19th from 8am to 9pm.

There will be an array of limited issue vinyl, 7′ side-by-sides, and many more music-related items that are especially unique to Record Store Day patrons. In laymen’s terms – this Saturday is an opportunity for you to get your hands on stuff that is high in demand and often becomes more valuable in the future. For all you vinyl collectors out there, this is the one day of the year you really don’t want to miss out on! There is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Some of this year’s highlights include: Cake vinyl box set, 1979 Grateful Dead: Live at Hampton Coliseum, the Ghostbusters theme on “spooky” glow-in-the-dark vinyl, and a Crosley Cruiser Peanuts Edition turntable just to name a few. For more information on what’s available visit recordstoreday.com for a complete list of special promotions offered at all participating stores.

Central Square Records will also hold a drawings for a Nick Cave action figure and a Tommy Castro and The Pain Killers signed test pressing of his new album ‘The Devil You Know’. Tote bags along with label sampler CDs and 45s will be free with any Record Store Day in-store purchase. All of these specials are limited and offered on a “first come” basis. No joke, this is why folks have been known to get up with the sun and wait for the doors to open the 3rd Saturday in April each year.

At the turn of the century, when the iPod revolution began and digital downloads dominated the music business, local record stores took a big hit. The world of buying and selling music embarked on uncharted waters. Something needed to be done to save the authentic culture that encompasses the record store communities. After all, our independent and locally owned record stores are so much more than a physical place to purchase music. They are a melting pot of artists, enthusiasts, musicians and others that gather under the common thread of a love for all things music.

Our local record store is an intricate part of the community in which people of all walks of life are welcomed and encouraged to broaden their musical horizons. Record stores are a platform for learning about music, as well as an important support system for musicians/bands to gain exposure beyond the confines of their local community.

The Record Store Day event has become a massive success for participating stores to coexist with one another and to become a united front impacting their community in a positive way. Record Store Days are not limited to promotional sales and limited pressings – they often include musical performances, surprise appearances from artists, giveaways and a guaranteed good time.

I strongly encourage you to stop by your local record store this Saturday and join in the festivities. Support record stores frequently. Immerse yourself in the authentic culture and supportive community that is your local record store.

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