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DIFLEGER to Release ‘Dreamcatcher’

More music from Argonauta Records! Difleger is an experimental drone project, dark ambient, and post-rock sludge. 

Musically influenced by artists as AmenRa, Rosetta and Lustmord, DIFLEGER (from Minsk, Belarus) are leading actors of a stunning musical approach combining experimental tunes to meditation, where massive distorted guitars, samples and other instruments are bound together for a unique experience of Post Metal assault. The album “Dreamcatcher” (digitally self-produced by the band in 2013) will be available in physical format in April 2014 in noble DigiSleeve CD limited to 300 copies worldwide, also featuring two unreleased bonus tracks.

1. Sinking ship
2. Mind extract
3. The words
4. A Fallen Bird
5. Swag
6. Rat race
7. Light where I live
8. Glacier
9. Walhall

BAND INFO: http://www.facebook.com/difleger

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