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Zen Punk Art

Marco is the artist behind ZenPunkArt.  I was introduced to him through an email from Argonauta Records announcing a series of limited edition posters.  The posters are great – some of the images on this post are part of the collection.  But what struck me when I browsed through Cover artwork A Sud del ParadisoMarco’s website – was the range of styles he embraces.  He is a damn good artist, and we hope that you enjoy getting to know him a bit.

What is your primary medium?
Mainly music and drawing, in some ways connecting them and enjoying the deep expressive differences between the two media. Music knows no defense, as our ear has no natural filters, and so we absorb all the sounds we come in contact with. The eye has a lid that we can close, filtering external inputs. In visual art, I worked with many techniques and currently I’m focusing on ink dots and coffee painting.

How do you describe your style of art?
A sort of meticulous diary of my spiritual research, embodied in the deepening of symbols, actions and reactions. I am in some ways contemporary just because I live here and now, but all my friends know my anti-modernity. The future is anti-modern. Stylistically, I’m a megalomaniac miniaturist served to things I see and live.

Services / products you offer?SUMA POSTER DUOTONE
Paintings, posters, album covers and layouts, t-shirts, slow food philosophy starters, barters, unbeatable masala tea, and gears to destroy systems of thought.

What are some sources of inspiration for you?
In this moment; Alfons Mucha, Milarepa and Philip Glass.

How did the collaboration with Argonauta come about?
Gero is a very old friend of mine, and probably one of the most professional guys I worked with in these years. He spent a few days at my home a few months ago to discuss the release of Tummo, the new album of my musical project Shabda, and I showed him some of my visual works. Some time before I designed the cover for his great band, Varego, and he thought to print exclusive silkscreen limited editions of my posters to sell through Argonauta Records shop. That’s the deal.

How can someone contact you?
Surfing my blog at http://www.zenpunkart.com (yeah, I’m in perpetual delay in updating it), or contacting me by mail at marco.castagnetto@gmail.com.

Gorgon Poster

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