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Movie Review: The Conjuring

We’ve all seen a haunted house movie, or two, or a dozen – so why is The Conjuring any different?images

For starters, as a jaded movie goer if you manage to get me with even a single jump scare – I will stand up and applaud you. It did. But The Conjuring isn’t all loud bangs and quick cuts, at its heart it is an atmospheric movie.

Based on a true story, The Conjuring gives us several story lines to keep us occupied. The main one being that of a family who moved into a less than inviting house.

Poltergeist is a classic because it is a story first and a horror movie second. The Conjuring follows in those footsteps: It is a story with strong horror elements.

We are lucky enough to consume countless hours of movies and when even a single image manages to linger and give us the heebie-jeebies – the movie has done its job. The Conjuring has quite of few fantastic images that will imprint themselves on your psyche.

Congratulations to James Wan and The Conjuring team for a beautifully done descent into the depths of horror and possessed insanity.

One comment on “Movie Review: The Conjuring

  1. Bill Mcdaniel
    July 27, 2013

    It really did look like they were going for that old school scare instead of just another creepy kid crawling on a wall routine.

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