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TJC Films

Meet Tim Carr, the driving force behind TJC Films.

What first attracted you to film making?1062695_1385594881656772_691895047_n
I’ve always loved movies ever since I was a kid. All types of movies. I remember sitting on the roof of my parents station wagon balling my eyes out watching ET, and another time when my Aunt and Uncle brought me to see Return of the Living Dead when I was 8. That blew my mind. From then on, I was a movie nerd. Eventually I grew up and became a fire fighter in the Air Force. I kept at my art as a hobby and I loved saving lives but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I got out and went to school focusing on film making, marketing, graphic arts, and photography. When I graduated, I was hired to be a precision driving instructor for the Army in Kuwait. Eventually they recognized switched my job to marketing with a focus on filmmaking and graphic arts. On the side, I kept at making movies and created a huge buzz and a lot of fans in the Middle East and Europe. But I missed being around my family and missed the amazing Emerald Coast so I came back and am hard at work at building my name here.

Favorite style or subject to shoot?
My favorite style and subject is really hard to say. I really love music videos and documentaries. I’ve done everything from action sports videos to promo spots for businesses. Now I’m doing event videos like festivals, parties, and weddings. I’d love to do films with local writers; screenplays too. I had a lot of success with music videos in Kuwait and had them featured on MTV there as well as Arabs Got Talent.

What is your dream gig?
My dream gig is a zombie horror movie or a revenge flick with a car chase.

Any advice for others who are interested in film?
For anyone else interested in film I’d recommend watching lots of movies, old and new, and checking out shot selection, angles, editing techniques and focusing on what you like to do best. If you enjoy the subject or style you are filming you will always do better work as opposed to shooting and editing something you abhor. Read a lot of books, watch documentaries about film making, and try lots of YouTube tutorials.

Best piece of advice you got starting out?1061848_1385594891656771_918935842_n
The best advice I received was from a guy that ran the most popular website in Kuwait. He was a former creative director and had an eye for all things design and viewer retention. He told me keep videos short enough to keep people interested but wanting more. That balance takes time to get right.

What services do you offer?
The services I offer are pretty diverse. I film and edit music videos, documentaries, promo spots, dance videos, action sports and event videos like parties, weddings and festivals. I also enjoy editing, so if people have a bunch of footage I can edit it all into something really cool.

How can someone contact you?
I can be reached at 850-502-0751 or tjcfilms@yahoo.com,

Learn more about TJC Films at:

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    July 4, 2013

    Thanks for the feature. I’m a big fan of the site!

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