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Seeds of Tomorrow

Founded roughly a year ago by a nephew/uncle duo, Seeds of Tomorrow hopes to bring their style of folk music to the masses.  Primarily based out of Tallahassee, the pair are in their final stages of completing their first EP, which is due out in April.

TJ Aycock (the nephew of the pair) talked to us at 850Music earlier this week.

Leading up the review, he shared one of their songs.  It started off very folk oriented before spiralling into a hardcore styled explosion.

“That song is different from our other songs,” Aycock explains.  “I was up all night and wrote it at seven the next morning. So I was sleep deprived when I wrote it.  It is different.  It is not as folky as our other stuff.”

Calling Seeds of Tomorrow’s sound ‘folk rock’ the band name was a spur of the moment decision. “I just came up with the name on the top of my head and thought about what it meant later.  What it means to me is that everyone is a seed, and that they can grow into something beautiful.  That is how I look at our band, as something that will grow into something beautiful.”

Aycock has been interested in folk music for a few years, although he has been in both pop-punk and hardcore bands.  The change of genre was influenced in part because, “ I wanted to write my own songs.  I didn’t really get serious about writing my own songs until three or four years ago.”

As for working with his uncle Eric Norwood, “We have been talking about being in a band together since I was a kid, probably since I was 13.  I just took until last year for us to finally be able to do it.  He is ten years older than I am, so we like a lot of the same kind of music.  We really understand what we want to do with the band.  It just works.”

Seeds of Tomorrow hopes to have a full-length album recorded and released before the end of 2013, with substantial touring across the South.

You can keep up with their progress on Facebook here.

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