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The Owsley Brothers

The growing lo-fi movement is about stripping music down to the core to uncover its pure soul, unabashedly experimenting, taking risks, and loving what you do. This is The Owsley Brothers in spades.The Owsley Brothers (5)

Lo-fi recordings have long been part of the blues and punk musical heritages, utilized both out of necessity and an unwillingness to conform to commercial standards. However, what was once an underground phenomenon with a do-it-yourself aesthetic, has gained world-wide exposure thanks to bands like The White Stripes and The Black Keys becoming household names.

With a studio space to call their own under old live oak trees in Point Washington Florida, The Owsley Brothers are formulating their plan for musical domination including riding the wave of the rise of the rock festival. With companies like DC Shoes, Go Pro Cameras, and Fox Sports lining up for music licenses for ad campaigns, domination very well may be in the cards for this local band.

Bounty studios as it has been dubbed, is home to a mash-up of retro equipment that Jerad Reynolds has amassed. With a disdain for Pro-Tools, he glows as he talks about his latest thrift store find, a small machine that makes copies of cassette tapes.

The studio further makes it apparent that The Owsley Brothers are out to play by their own rules, after all they are neither Owsley’s or brothers.

“I always wanted a brothers band,” states Reynolds. So he started one of his own, a solo studio project to make the rock music he wanted to make. Named after the county in Kentucky where he grew up, The Owsley Brothers’ first release ‘Pure Lust’ had Reynolds wearing every hat.The Owsley Brothers (7)

The release hit a nerve. People were interested and it became apparent that The Owsley Brothers should move to live performances. Reynolds first call was to guitarist Brian Wise. John Reinlie joined on drums a few months later, after a parting with the band’s original drummer.

Branding themselves as, “Garage-blues from the dark side,” The Owsley Brothers released ‘Cobalt’ which caught fire on music blogs across the world.

With a love of distortion, unique guitar tones, and dirty blues grooves, their live shows are unforgettable, loud, and energetic: This is the soul of rock n’ roll.  As Reynolds puts it, “Good rock n’ roll never goes away.”

Donate to the band’s indiegogo campaign to fund a limited edition vinyl pressing in support of Record Store day.

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