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850 Month in Review – June 2012

Guitar Shorty (2)

Guitar Short

Want to know just how much fun you can get into in the 850 area?  Well here is an overview of all that I made it to in June.  From a blues legend, local original music, and an Australian drone metal band – you can find a little of everything in the area.

June 6thGuitar Shorty is one of those people that I just feel honored to have seen, and extremely lucky to have seen more than once.  I couldn’t ask for a better way to kick off my birthday month than spending it at The Shed in Destin with this blues legend.  From there it was off to see The Owlsley Brothers at Funky Blues Shack.  (I wrote this review shortly after seeing them.)



June 16th – Just how much can be squeezed into one night?  Starting off with Dismystic at Hogs Breath where they plowed through a range of rock cover songs, slipping in a few of their fantastic original material during each set. Then it was The Latest at Funky Blues Shack in Destin.  A swirling mix of reggae and jam-band styled rock, it is obvious that these fellas love what they do.  The night ended with Skyview at the LA Lounge, which has recently been re-branded as ‘Club LA’.  In the few months between the Hard Rock Battle of the Bands and now, Skyview has really come into their own.  They are also about to release their first album, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one.

Hot Graves (4)

Hot Graves

June 21st – Time for another metal show at C-Level in Panama City Beach!  First up was Coeur, who are very fun to watch, partly because you feel like you are seeing this group of young guys progress in their sound.  That you’re watching something come together that has tons of potential to be very special.  Next was Death Before Dying, who always give it their all.  Hot Graves blend death and thrash metal with something that a lot of metal band’s don’t ever attempt: a sense of humor.  Not only do they put on an amazing show, but they completely enjoy doing it.  Last was Australian drone doom kings Whitehorse.  Slow, sludgy, doomy metal goodness.  For a complete shift in music genres, ended the night at Spinnaker with Orange Avenue.  Not only are their original songs stellar, the lead singer was able to hit some unusual notes that really made me take notice.  They are really a fantastic adult-rock / alternative-rock band.

Panama Redd (2)

Panama Redd

June 27th – Far too much time has passed since I last saw Cadillac Willy.   They still embody every bit of the laid-back jam-band style that I love them for.   Then it was off to Club LaVela to check out a relatively new band called Dirt Starr.  Five members strong, they guys can pull off just about anything – and have a blast doing it.

June 30th – Started off the night with a little bite at C-level, listening to the always stunning Kc Phelps do her acoustic thing.  Ended the month and the night with Panama Redd at Foghorns.  Not only do I adore each member of Panama Redd, and am honored to call them friends, but they know how to have a great time like nobody’s business.

To see more of my photos from my June adventures, follow this link: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjzUepYw.

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