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Band Review: Aclarion

High energy with a great song catalog.

As I see more and more bands that play covers, the details become more important: Did they make a song their own? Did they do the tricky part? Did they give it their all?

Aclarion did one thing that I simply have yet to see any other band attempt… Tom Morello guitar solos. But attempt isn’t a fair word, their guitarist did an awesome job embodying the signature sound of Morello. If you aren’t a Rage Against the Machine fan, and are wondering what I am talking about, just know that putting the extra effort into mastering the sounds that Morello can make gets major bonus points from this music fan.

Acalrion’s set list pulled a lot from bands like Tool, the harder radio tunes we all know, and some of my favorites from the 90’s. (I’ll always be a sucker for Possum Kingdom by the Toadies.) The lead singer has a great range and is a powerful belter, in a few cases actually surpassing the vocals on the original songs.

This is a talented group of guys, who each have a lot of energy on stage. However, the most fun to watch award goes to the bass player, who stalks and attacks the stage with a primal force.

All the way around Aclarion is a great hard rock cover band. They play the 850 area with somewhat regularity; they have played at Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City Beach venues.

Learn a little more about the band and keep up with their show dates on their Reverbnation page: http://www.reverbnation.com/aclarion

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