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Goal: Getting Slave to the Day on Movie Studios’ Radar

The Slave to the Day CD has been on a constant loop in my car for over 2 months.  It is that good.

This goal is my biggest yet; but the music is good enough to be a feasible goal.

I love movies.  But more than that, I love horror movies.  And some of the Slave to the Day tracks are so perfect to be licensed to this purpose.

This is the letter I emailed in to several movie studios:

Hi!  I am a big time horror fan and am excited about a band’s music that would be a great fit for horror movie soundtracks.  They are Slave to the Day and the songs In My Head and Messor would be amazing options for a horror movie.

To be clear, I am in no way affiliated with the band or their label.  Just a fan of good movies and good music.

I thought short and sweet might get the better response.

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